Octavio is the son of famous pornographic actor Ron Jeremy and an ordinary dentist receptionist Earth woman. His birth remains shrouded in mystery but we do know that he is the firstborn of Ron Jeremy and Monica. Ron and Monica got married in the back of an uber just 9 months before Octavio's birth. Octavio first learned of his mutant powers when he was 12 years old after he watched a documentary about his father. In the year 2023, Ron was a test subject in Brazzers University's attempt at creating a Super Sex Serum that would create a new era of pornographic stars. He was hit with Gamma Rays and soon became tainted with radiation. As a result, he grew 13 different penises and gained the ability to read minds, a power that Octavio inherited. Octavio has dealt with depression all his life after his mother and father separated when he was only 4 years old.

Meeting Nathan

During his freshman year of high school, Octavio met Nathan and Jose at a lunch table where their friends met up at. He became instant friends after they discovered their similar interests. Since then he has gone on multiple adventures and trials with Nathan and has also sacrificed his only chance at getting laid to be at Nathan's baby shower.


  • he can cook some good deserts
  • able to watch hours of youtube in one sitting
  • Mind Reading
  • God Level Procrastination
  • He can nut on command
  • huge pp
  • small feet


IMG 1013

Octavio once suffered from an incurable form of hepatitis


Octavio did not escape Thano's snap and was one of many to be wiped from existence during Infinity War


"gassed up shortyyy" ― Octavio
"yooooooooo" ― Octavio
"my ass is in danger uWu" ― Octavio

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