Nathan is the bastard son of Mclovin, the God of Life, and Mother Teresa, a religious leader who had enough clout to meet with Mclovin during his time in exile in East LA. He was born on New Terra (formerly known as Phobos, the moon of Mars) in 2047 while his mother was teaching young children about the sins of premarital sex ironically. Not much is know about his childhood beyond that, but we do know he was taken away by space pirates at the age of 8 when his mother was killed by giant space rats from the 34th Century.

The Death of Nathan's First Wife

Nathan married his High School sweetheart Alex Vega in 2066. They had a very complex relationship that did not include any physical contact because Alex was an extreme germaphobe. Nathan loved Alex so much that only 48 hours into their marriage he managed to kiss Alex and instantly Alex died of an allergic reaction caused by a wool sweater that Nathan was wearing. Nathan grieved for many years for his lover but soon realized "this ain't it sis".


  • Procrastination
  • Self-Deprecating Jokes
  • Self-proclaimed "meme god"
  • Ability to destroy racists
  • Small Attention Span
  • maybe he's gay??
  • Laughs in awkward and serious situations
  • Lazy


IMG 5153

Nathan looking semi-cute


"it really do be like that sometimes" โ€• Nathan
"boiii you bout dumb as fuck" โ€• Nathan when he sees some dumbshit
"my dick fell off ๐Ÿ˜ž" โ€• Nathan

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