Jose was born to an unknown Dark Elf Wizard from the Shadowrealm and a Mexican lady he seduced into engaging in intercourse with for the sake of having a blood sacrifice to unleash ancient mystic powers from The Underworld. Jose's mother had no idea who the father was and that led to the separation from her husband and three children. She spent her days living with her parents until the baby was born. Jose was born with blood red eyes, a trait passed down to him by his father and grew exponentially in just a few years. Years later Jose's father returned to make the sacrifice and kill Jose to gain his full powers but Jose's own powers manifested in him during the assassination attempt. Although a novice in the mystic arts he managed to kill his father not knowing who he was. Killing his father granted Jose the powers the Dark Elf Wizard had wanted and with the help of The Book of Magicae Stercore, an ancient text his father left behind, he was able to learn more magic tricks

Meeting Nathan and Octavio

During his time after he killed his father, Jose attended high school and there he met Nathan and Octavio, two friends that understood the feeling of having an absent father. They instantly became best friends and went on various escapades across the multiverse. During his time in high school, Jose met Jesus Caballero a frail and sweet boy that caught his attention. A romance blossomed after months of hanging out and they eventually married. They had a child named John but Jose's deals with danger put his son and husband in harm's way. When John was 2 years old the alien race the Shi'aj captured the boy and killed Jose's siblings believing them to be threats, although they had no magical abilities whatsoever.


  • Master Sorcerer
  • Teleportation
  • Night Vision
  • kinda dumb
  • very hungry
  • card tricks
  • balloon animals


IMG 9945

Jose puts a hex on Alex causing him to get a massive boner and freeze in his tracks

IMG 0539

Jose prepares to cast a spell


"Azerath Metrion Zinthos"- Jose

"Damn I could go for some ass rn"- Jose

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